• Innovation

      Raising innovative capability through investment
      in research and development

    • Marketing

      Strengthening distribution
      and product marketing

    • Presence

      Expanding our presence
      in the emerging markets

    Profitable growth

    Profitable growth

    More innovation, less administration: this initiative is a key ingredient of our future success. That’s why we have consistently aligned our subgroups toward continuous efficiency improvement. This is also in line with the company values we call “LIFE”: along with L for Leadership, I for Integrity and F for Flexibility, these also include E for Efficiency. We intend to free up resources that we urgently need to achieve profitable growth. For example, we expect complexity and bureaucracy reduction to yield annual savings of €800 million by 2013. We will invest about half of this amount in researching and developing innovative products, commercializing them and building our presence in the emerging markets.

  • Innovation

    Bayer’s researchers use science to improve people’s quality of life. That’s what our mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” is all about. New products are strengthening our position as a world-ranking inventor company. In 2012 – as in
    2011 – Bayer will invest some €3 billion to research and develop these products.

    Research is key

    The Macula:
    This part of the retina of the eye contains some eight million photoreceptor cells that are responsible for visual acuity and also for color vision. Degeneration of the macula can lead to a loss of central or “straight-ahead” vision.

  • Marketing

    Inventions need to be translated into new products that people appreciate. That means innovation requires successful marketing. Only then can we earn the resources to invest in our future and come up with more inventions that will ensure sustained growth.

    Active partnerships

    Cross-section of a fiber:
    A scanning electron micrograph shows the honeycomb structure of wheat.

  • Presence

    Demand for our innovative products is gaining particular momentum in the emerging markets. We are seizing this opportunity to systematically and sustainably expand our presence in these countries. But that doesn’t mean abandoning our traditional markets. Because these remain a major factor in our success.

    Opening up new markets

    Polycarbonate granules:
    This high-tech material from Bayer can be found the world over. Customers range from the automotive and electrical/
    electronics industries to the construction and medical equipment sectors.

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Research is key
Bayer HealthCare

Research is key

Raising innovative capability through investment in research and development » more


Active partnerships
Bayer CropScience

Active partnerships

Strengthening distribution and product marketing » more


Opening up new markets
Bayer MaterialScience

Opening up new markets

Expanding our presence in the emerging markets » more

Highlights 2011

Approvals for Xarelto
Bayer HealthCare’s oral anticoagulant Xarelto™ (rivaroxaban) has been approved by the European Commission for use in two new indications. » more

Strengthening wheat breeding
Bayer CropScience is working with leading institutes and companies worldwide to build a platform for wheat research. » more

Progress with regorafenib
Bayer HealthCare reported positive results from a Phase III trial evaluating the investigational compound regorafenib for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. » more


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